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Turbo Muin Smart B+ Gives High Readings With a Speed Sensor


We've found a related issue where the Misuro B+ isn't consistently showing power readings in Zwift over ANT+ or BLE. We're currently investigating this issue.

We're also working on creating a separate profile for the Turbo Muin Smart B+ that will give accurate readings when paired with a speed sensor, and it should be released in the near future.


We're currently investigating an issue where the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ is registering abnormally high readings when paired with a speed sensor.

If this is occurring for you, you can open a ticket with us via or follow this post for more updates.


While this issue is present, you can still ride in Zwift via the following workarounds:

  • If you have a Misuro B+, you can try to use it as a power source for more accurate readings.
  • If you're not using a different speed sensor, choose the Unlisted Trainer option after pairing your speed sensor.
  • If you have an ANT+ power meter, you can use that instead.

We appreciate your patience as we investigate this issue.


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