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Zwift Academy Issues

There are a couple of issues related to this year’s Zwift Academy that you need to know about before you get started:


Current Issues (August 7, 2018):

  • IOS and ATV have access to ALL the workouts. However, some are duplicates. You only need to do one set of workouts 1-10, not any doubles. All workouts will count from here on out.
  • When completing a workout, you may not receive a check mark signifying you completed that workout under the "Workouts" header at your Zwift Academy - Your Progress page. However, your Overall Progress and Workouts progress bars will update. This is a cosmetic bug, your workouts still count in the back end. 
  • In your Zwift Academy - Your Progress page ( under Rides, the star icon should be a Ride On icon. It signifies how many Ride Ons you've received. 
  • Today's Plan accounts were unlinked from Zwift accounts. Not to worry, a fix is on the way! In the meantime you can upload your .fit files directly to Today's Plan. Here's a guide on how:
  • Android can't download workouts currently, so no credit is given for Zwift Academy group workouts at the moment



Fixed Issues:

  • First workout now works!



If you run into any other issues with Zwift Academy or have questions, submit a support ticket, and our Customer Experience team will be happy to help!

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