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Elite Drivo BLE Resistance Issues

Hey Zwifters, 

We've received multiple reports of Zwifters experiencing extreme resistance issues with their Elite Drivo smart trainers, specifically when pairing using BLE. We had hoped the most recent update (1.0.27912) would have fixed this issue with the implementation of the FTMS protocol but it seems the problem continues. 

If you are encountering these resistance issues, please send us a support ticket citing:

  • Device you're using to run Zwift
  • The trainer you're using (especially if it's not the Elite Drivo but the same symptoms)
  • How you're pairing (Native BLE or Zwift Companion BLE)
  • Where exactly in Zwift you are feeling the resistance issues

A few options you can take to keep riding without BLE: 

  1. Try connecting over ANT+ instead. The change that affected users was targeted at BLE, so ANT+ may still work at a neutral level.
  2. Disconnect the Controllable Trainer option for your trainer, and either use your trainer only for a power source or use a separate power meter. While you won't get the variable resistance with this option, you can use your trainer like a classic trainer and change resistance manually with your bike gears.


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