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How to Send Windows Crash Logs

When troubleshooting a problem with our Member Experience Team, you may be asked to send in your Windows crash logs. Since this isn't something most Windows users do every day, we've put together a handy guide!

If your issue occurred sometime within the past 24 hours, click here to download a file we'll need later.

If your issue occurred more than a day ago, but within the past week, click here to download a file we'll need later.

Next, click on the magnifying glass. You may see a white box or a circle here instead - whatever you see there, you should see a search box pop up if you click on it. Once you've found your search box, begin typing "Event Viewer."




Next, click on "Event Viewer" in the listed search results.




When that opens up, click on Import Custom View... in the right-hand pane.



Then navigate to your Downloads folder, select the file we downloaded earlier and click Open.




Click OK.




In the right-hand pane, click Save All Events in Custom View As...




Navigate to a folder that's easy to find - for this example, we used the Downloads folder. Name the file, and then click Save.




Select Display information for these languages: and then click OK.




And that's it! Simply attach the file you just saved to your next response to our Member Experience Agent, and we'll take it from there!


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