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Milestone Pod troubleshooting

The Milestone Pod is a bluetooth foot pod that you can clip on to your shoe when running. It's easy to pair with Zwift, and there are a few things that you can try if you are finding any issues.

For the Milestone pod, we recommend calibrating on Milestone’s app instead of Zwift. Make sure you are fully exiting out of the Milestone pod after calibration before opening up Zwift. Signals can be hijacked away from Zwift if open at the same time. 

Make sure that your pod is up to date with the latest firmware. Download the MilestonePod App on iOS or Android. You can see your firmware version on the bottom left corner of the menu screen. 

Try reseating your battery if you're finding a difficult time connecting the pod to Zwift. You may also want to try replacing your battery. Zwift needs to send signals several times a second, so a battery can still seem functional on other devices, but be at too low of a level for Zwift. 

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