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Resolved: Road Feel and Workout Pain Effect Toggle Overlap

Update: This issue should be fixed as of build 1.0.25480


We're currently investigating an issue where the Road Feel toggle and Workout Pain Effect toggle overlap on the Zwift settings menu when the Tacx Neo is paired. This prevents users from turning the workout Pain View on/off.


The good news is that the Neo's Road Feel toggle still works, so no workaround is required for that feature.

Accessing the Pain View toggle is also still easy and only requires a few extra steps.

  1. If necessary, go back to the pairing screen (Menu: Pairing).
  2. From the pairing screen, unpair the Neo from the Controllable Trainer category.
  3. If you haven't selected your ride preferences and mode, do that and join the world; otherwise, confirm your pairing and return to the world.
  4. Open the Settings menu (Menu: Settings)
  5. The Road Feel toggle will no longer be present, allowing you to toggle Pain View.


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