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Technogym MyRun Treadmill troubleshooting

To connect MYRUN equipment with the Zwift app, it is necessary to update MYRUN firmware.

The firmware update has to be done downloading and connecting the latest version of MYRUN app (1.30 version) to your MYRUN equipment.

Below are instructions on how you can get started with Zwift and your Technogym MyRun treadmill:

STEP 1: If you haven’t connected your MY RUN equipment with Zwift yet:

  • Update MYRUN firmware: on all 3rd generation tablets, the 1.30 version of MYRUN app will tell you to update MY RUN firmware. Follow the instruction available on MYRUN app, leaving the tablet placed on the equipment display the whole time of the firmware update.
    When the update ends, close My Run app.
  • Download the Zwift app, open it and create an account Zwift with your credentials.

STEP 2: Use the Zwift app to connect your MY RUN equipment.

  • On your Pairing screen, you will see two modes: Ride and Run mode. Select Run mode.


  • Click on RUN SPEED to connect your MYRUN treadmill. Make sure that your bluetooth is showing active, and your MYRUN treadmill is turned on.
  • Click on your MYRUN equipment code (which will be detected automatically) and press OK to continue.

STEP 3: Pair your Cadence or Heart Rate (optional)

  • After connecting your MYRUN to RUN SPEED, click on HEART RATE to connect a Heart Rate monitor or on CADENCE.


Otherwise, press OK to continue.

STEP 4: Choose a workout, route, or just click on RUN. Once you enter the game, start running on your treadmill and you are moving in Zwift!


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