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Running Workout Mode

After you pair your devices, you'll see an option at the top of the Start screen to do a run in Workout Mode. The location is the same across all platforms.


If you didn't enter a pace when you created your account, you'll see the Fitness Level Profile screen first. See the linked article if you have questions about which profile to pick.

Once you select your workout, click on RUN to enter the world.

At the top of the screen, you'll see the pace for the current interval. Zwift will prompt you to set your treadmill to that pace. In the example below, you would set your treadmill to 3.6 miles and run that pace for 0.50 miles. 




On the left of your screen, you'll see the workout you've chosen, intervals, km/mile splits, and activity stats (calories burned, average pace)




Feeling out of breath or in the mood for an extra push? You can adjust your workout difficulty +/- 10% on the fly with the increase/decrease pace buttons.

  • The Zwift Companion app: up arrow and down arrow on command screen
  • Blue action bar: up arrow and down arrow
  • Mac or PC: + or - keys

While you're in workout mode, you'll notice some differences from how Zwift works when you normally run.

  • Your nameplate will show a graph icon on the left side.
  • Your avatar will appear to have a holographic display in front.

Training Plans

  • There are currently 8 pre-set workouts in-game. More will be added.
  • Custom workouts created in-game are not yet available. However, if you have TrainingPeaks connected to your Zwift account then your workouts will appear in Zwift. 


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