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Running FAQ

Will Zwift control my treadmill?
No. Zwift does not control the incline or the speed of your treadmill. You can manually change your incline and your speed at your discretion.

How do workouts work?
As you go through intervals in Zwift, you’ll see suggested paces and will need to adjust your treadmill speed accordingly.

Can I create my own run workout?
Currently, you cannot create your own workout in-game. However, if you have TrainingPeaks connected to your Zwift account then your workouts will appear in Zwift. They’ll show up in your workout selection screen. Just make sure your workout is set to the same day you are running on Zwift.

How do I enter my pace?  
If you want to manually edit your pace, you can go to your User Profile in game, and edit your 1mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon times.

What if I don’t know my pace?
Start running on Zwift, and Zwift will find your pace and store it in your profile.

What does ADD A TARGET do?
Click on this and you can choose to add a target goal for your current run. There are pre-selected targets, but you can also create your own.









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