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How do I Start Running in Zwift?

Have everything you need to start running in Zwift? Then let's walk through how start your first session! This guide will walk you through the process from the ground up. If you're an existing Zwift user, go ahead and jump to step 5.



Go to and click the "Download" link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Or you can just click the appropriate link here: Windows | OSX

For iOS or AppleTV, you download the game on the App Store.




Do not attempt to log in to the website first
as you will not have a password yet.

You also cannot run Zwift from


After you have downloaded and installed Zwift, open the setup file. It will bring you to the 'Create New User' screen. Enter all your relevant info.

These screens will look different on iOS, but require the same information.




Once that's done, you can log in! The next time you start Zwift, it will bring you directly to this screen. Just in case it brought you here the first time, there is a 'Create New User' link below the password box that will take you back to Step 2.

These screens will look different on iOS, but require the same information.




Here, you need to enter in your relevant data in order to make sure Zwift works accurately and calculates your wattage correctly.

These screens will look different on iOS, but require the same information.


  After this, you should be logged in and see prompts to Join or Ride - choose Ride.




Step 5: Select your Sport, and Pair Your Devices

If this is your first time launching Zwift, after you log in, you'll see prompts to choose your sport. You can select any of these to get to the next screen, but for simplicity's sake, select "I Run."




After you select your sport - or if this isn't your first time launching Zwift - you'll see the pairing screen.




If this isn't your first time launching Zwift, or you picked a profile other than "I Run," you may see the Cycling pairing screen instead. You can always toggle between the "Ride" and "Run" tabs at top of the screen to switch between the two sports.

Next, you'll pair your devices. Select "Run Speed" to find your smart treadmill, footpod, or connected shoe.* You may also want to calibrate your footpod/shoe and treadmill for Zwift.

Click OK at the bottom of the screen once you've paired all your sensors.

* If you don't see your device under the Run Speed menu, make sure that the ANT+ or Bluetooth symbol in the top-left of the screen is emitting circles. If it's not, it's a sign that your receiver isn't on/connected, and Zwift won't be able to find your sensors. See our ANT+ dongle and pairing with BLE articles for more information.


Step 6: Start your Run! 

On your Start screen, you can select another runner to join, choose a structured workout, run on a specific route, or join an event. You can also just choose RUN on a random route in a free run mode where you can go at your pace.

If this is your first time in Zwift, we recommend just selecting RUN to try it out.




Start running on the treadmill, and you’re Zwifting!


Starting Your Next Run

For all future runs, you launch the game by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or tapping the Z icon on your iOS device. If you don't see the icon on your desktop/home screen, here's how to find it:

  1. On PC, either press the Windows key and type "Zwift" to find it or look for ZwiftLauncher.exe under Program Files (x86)\Zwift
  2. On OSX, you can find it by navigating to Go > Applications and double-clicking the Zwift icon.
  3. On iOS, if it's not on the home screen, it's probably not installed, and you should reinstall from the App Store

For PC/Mac, we recommend creating a shortcut on your desktop so that it's easy to find.

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