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How do I Calibrate my footpod?

Before you start your first run on Zwift - or if you feel like your readings are inaccurate - you may want to calibrate your footpod/shoe and treadmill for Zwift.


You can calibrate in-game on your pairing screen. After you pair your device, you should see a wrench icon next to it.




Click on the wrench to bring up the calibration screen. We suggest setting the speed calibration at the normal pace you usually run.



Click Next, and you will be brought to the calibration portion. Start running at your set pace, then click Start.



Once you successfully calibrate, you will see a calibration complete screen.




How do I delete a calibration?

You can delete any previous calibrations in the same calibration screens. If you've calibrated before, you'll see it noted on the bottom of the screen. Click on "DELETE" and it is removed.



Do I have to calibrate before every run?

Not necessarily. If you notice your speed is mismatched or you are using a different treadmill each time (e.g. at a gym), calibration may be needed.


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