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How to Complete a Mission

Occasionally, we'll promote a limited-time mission in Zwift with some kind of added perk in addition to just completing it. These are fairly straightforward, but there's a few things you should be aware of so that you don't accidentally waste your efforts.




Entering the Mission

When a mission is available, you'll see the popup in the top-left corner of the "Drop In" screen after you log in to Zwift and pair your devices. Clicking Enter will put you on the correct course and route for the mission (if applicable).

Unless otherwise specified, you need to complete the mission during the same session that you enter for it to count.


Tracking your progress

As you ride, you may see a distance or progress tracker, depending on the mission.




And once you complete the mission, you'll see a confirmation pop-up that the mission is complete. Be sure to ride until you see the pop-up as distances can be slightly off! For example, the distance in Zwift can show up as 100km, but you may need to ride slightly farther for it to actually register.



After you've completed a mission, you will no longer see the entry box on the Drop In screen on subsequent sessions. So if you think you completed the mission, but log in again and see the mission still available, open a support ticket so we can help you figure out what happened.


Words of warning

1. If the mission has a requirement to ride a specific route, like the "Pretzel" on Watopia, you'll automatically be routed to take the necessary turns. Do not try to change your route.

2. Joining a group ride, race, or other mass-start event will interrupt your mission as it breaks your session into multiple fit files. You need to complete the mission in one session.

3. Similarly to how joining an event will interrupt the mission, you can't complete the mission over multiple log-ins (unless otherwise specified). You need to do it in one shot!

4. If you're disconnected from the Internet before you finish your ride and don't reconnect, you won't be entered; you need to be online for your results to be submitted. You can tell if you've been disconnected if all the other riders in game disappear from on screen and the rider list on the right. See more troubleshooting tips here and here.


Good luck!

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