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Riders may be Routed Incorrectly During Mass-Start Events


We're currently investigating issues where some mass-start event participants can be routed incorrectly and end up on a different route than is scheduled. This causes them to go a different direction than the rest of the group.

There's two different scenarios where this has happened:

  1. You late join an event and get misrouted. This is a bug we're working to fix related to the new late join feature. We do not need logs for these occurances.
  2. If you joined on time and experience this issue, submit all your logs from your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder to so we can investigate. If you see someone go off-course, but don't experience it yourself, encourage them to submit logs!

We appreciate your help as we work on fixing this issue.


To avoid the scenario related to the late join feature, we recommend trying to join events before they start to reduce the risk of encountering this issue.

If you do encounter either issue, keep in mind that logging out will kick you from the event - and unless it has the late join feature, you will be unable to rejoin.

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