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My Companion App Bluetooth Connection is Dropping

There's a few different reasons your Zwift Companion app (ZC) connection might be dropping, so it's important to start by looking at the status of the BLE icon *on the pairing screen in game* (menu > pairing) and what's showing up on the ZC to narrow down where the connection is failing.


Pairing screen Bluetooth icon status explanations:

  • Dimly-lit phone w/hazard icon on pairing screen and HOME screen on the ZC: your phone is no longer paired.
  • White phone icon w/hazard icon on pairing screen and ZC shows the DASHBOARD screen: your phone is paired, but BLE is blocked.
  • Pulsating phone icon on pairing screen and ZC shows the DASHBOARD screen: Your phone is connected with the game and ready for BLE connections.

Dimly-lit phone:

One of the only reasons your phone will become unpaired mid-ride is if your phone and/or computer loses its WiFi connection.

White phone icon w/hazard sign:

This indicates you need to turn on BLE on your phone, but BLE shouldn't turn off unless there's another app or setting changing it. In addition to any apps that access your BLE settings, double-check the following:

  • Battery saver settings
  • Bluetooth settings
  • Screen lock settings

Pulsating phone icon on pairing screen:

If you have this icon on your pairing screen, but you're seeing your BLE signal drop out, it's likely a problem with your sensors or the BLE signal.

  1. There's a low battery in one of your devices. If you haven't replaced it recently, we recommend trying that first. Even if it's strong enough to be picked up by other apps, the battery may be preventing it from transmitting frequently enough for Zwift.
  2. Reduce wireless interference nearby as this could affect both your WiFi and BLE signal.
  3. Make sure that you're not seeing riders disappearing as this indicates Internet drops.


If you're still seeing issues after going through those steps, open a ticket at Our Member Experience Team is ready to help!

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