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Riders Disappearing or Going Off Course

If you see riders disappearing or going the wrong way - or you go the wrong way yourself, it's likely network issues: either your Internet connection to our servers isn't strong/stable, your Internet connection in general is having issues, the riders who are disappearing are having issues - or, very rarely - Zwift is having server issues. Here's how to check:

Only one or some riders are disappearing

If only one or a few riders are disappearing, but you still see others, it's likely that the rider(s) disappearing is/are having Internet issues. Unfortunately, nothing you can do here.

All riders are disappearing

If all the riders on the course are disappearing or you go significantly off course, it's likely an issue related to your Internet connection: if you're disconnected, all other riders disappear/the server can't track your position. Here's some steps you can try to confirm the issue is Internet related:

These steps assume that you've been able to see riders correctly in the past, and other riders disappear mid-ride. If you don't see anyone from the start, or have never seen anyone on course, submit a support ticket.

  • Verify your Internet connection is working through a web browser by going to
  • Do a pingtest. If your ping is higher than 50ms, you're going to regularly see issues.
  • If you're on WiFi and only have a couple bars, try moving closer to your router or running an Ethernet cord from your router to your computer. Alternatively, you may want to consider WiFi range extenders.
  • If possible, try using your mobile phone as a hotspot for Internet. This helps to confirm that the issue is home-Internet related.

If none of those steps worked...

Check the Announcements forums to see if there's any server maintenance or known connectivity issues. These are extremely rare, but they do happen from time-to-time.

And, as always, if you need additional help, contact our Member Experience team. They're happy to help!



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