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Strava Premium Bonus ends December 31st, 2016

Attention Strava Premium members. The two month Free Zwift bonus is coming to an end on December 31st, 2016. We want to make sure you have one last chance to take advantage of the bonus, so ALL Strava Premium members will ride FREE from Nov 1st through Dec 31st. Yep - that's right - it doesn't matter if you've already used your bonus months this year or not. 

Don’t delay! Connect your Strava Premium account and enjoy some Zwift courtesy of Strava Premium.


Q: Do I need to do anything special to activate Free Zwift in Nov and Dec?

A: Nope - we'll automatically suspend your payments for those two months.

Q: How do I check if I received my original Strava Premium bonus when I connected my account?

A: Log into and from the drop down menu in the upper right, navigate to Settings > Payments and check under Bonuses to see when/ if it was applied. 


For more information, please see our Knowledge Base article here.


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