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What's new on Zwift 8/31 (1.0.14061)

Hey Zwifters! It's that time again.  We've got a new update packed with fixes and a few new features that we think you'll enjoy.

One of the big changes you'll notice is that we've added is a post-workout summary screen. Immediately after a workout is done you'll see a new report screen pop up. Here you'll be able to see an overview of how you performed during the workout. For the more technical minded riders, we've also added a graph to view your critical power curve (sometimes called a mean maximal power curve). 



For Apple users, we've also added support for your computer's built-in bluetooth. If you're running the OSX version of Zwift you should now have a "gear" icon on your pairing screen title bar.  Clicking it allows you to toggle between finding Bluetooth devices via Zwift Mobile Link running on your phone, or via the built-in bluetooth in your computer.  Give it a try, and please let us know if you have issues.  NOTE: We are still researching how, or if, we can bring this feature to Windows laptops.



Like any good update, there's also a nice assortment of smaller fixes and enhancements added as part of our efforts to continually improve the Zwift experience. These include:

  • Bluetooth support for controlling "Elite B+" smart trainers
  • Performance improvements when many riders are on screen
  • "Race Results" screen for select events
  • Fixed issue where some users who rode before an event may take a wrong turn later during the event.
  • Thunder sound now respects volume control dozens of other small changes and general improvements.   

As usual we're all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


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    Ben Martinek (C) WBR

    Crashed 3 times during one ride. Mobile like end ride seems to crash app. See comments I left in crash trace. Feel free to contact me. OS 10.11.4 iMac 2013, Direct Bluetooth, KickrSnap, Tickr

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