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Joining an Event

Whether it's a group ride or a race, Zwift mass-start events give you a chance to experience the rush of riding in a peloton from the comfort of home.

If you're riding on Zwift before an event to warm up, you can join the event up to 15 minutes before it starts. When you join the event, your progress up to that point will be saved as a separate fit file, so don't worry about losing any progress.

You can see details for what events are coming up either via our website or through the Zwift Companion app.

Once you've decided which event you want to attend, you can join through either the game or the Companion app. We'll walk through both methods below:

Joining an Event via the Game 



If an event or group ride is scheduled to occur in the next hour*, you'll see it listed at the top right corner of your "RIDE" screen once in-game. Each event will have different subgroups based on w/kg:

  • A group: 4+ w/kg
  • B group: 3.9 - 3.2 w/kg
  • C group: 3.1 - 2.5 w/kg
  • D group: 2.4 - 1 w/kg
  • E group: Open w/kg

You can select your event category using a different method depending on which platform you're using:

Select the category you want to join. If you misclick, roll your mouse away from and then back to the event, select "Leave," and then rejoin under the correct category.

Tap/Select the event you want to join; it will place you into the first available category for that event. If you want to change categories, tap/select the event again to leave, and then again to rejoin under the next available category. Repeat until you join the category you want to ride in.

Note that some events will only have one group or will be designated as an open "E" group indicating its intended for riders of any level. (Again, additional details about the event are available on the website or through the Companion app.)

After you select a ride you're interested in, simply click the normal "RIDE" button and go about your Zwifting as usual.

* (if you want to RSVP further in advance, see the Zwift Companion app method below) 



When it's nearing time for the event to start, you'll see a popup letting you know it's time to officially join and get to the starting line. You can click "Let's Go" or just let it auto-select to teleport automatically to the starting gate so there's no need to get off the bike to click anything. You can also click on "JOIN EVENT" at the bottom left for up to half an hour before an event officially starts.

If you click "No Thanks" you will not be automatically teleported before the event starts, so be sure to manually join at least 15 seconds before the official start time!


Finally, you'll be brought in from the course to the starting area where you can chat with your fellow riders or warm up in place on a virtual trainer. Once the countdown hits 0:00, you're off to enjoy the ride! Your ride leader will give you further instructions from there.

Joining an Event via the Zwift Companion app

Joining an event via the Companion app overlaps with how you join it via computer and is just as simple. It also comes with the benefit of allowing you to RSVP further in advance.

NOTE: if you're already riding in game, you cannot join an event from the Companion app - you need to save and exit/discard your ride, then register for the event.

Once you log in to the Companion app, tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap the Events button to bring up the Events listing. You'll see a listing of upcoming events. Find the event you want to RSVP for and tap the header.



Inside the event's submenu, you'll see a description of the event, its average speed, the number of laps, time, and route. If you want to join the event, tap the Plus button. You'll see a notification appear on the event banner showing that you're planning on attending.



After you've joined an event, the game will behave as if you had joined the event from your computer:

  1. You can go about riding as usual up until the event starts
  2. You'll receive a notification when the event is going to start in both the game and the Companion app

After you join, you'll be taken to the starting area as you would normally!


Event Results

After the event ends, you'll see a results screen pop-up showing participants' stats. This is currently the only official way to see the results of an event. Note that some race organizers have asked that we turn off this results screen, so check the race description or ask the race organizer for information on where to go for full results.

The jersey icon next to a rider's name indicates the jersey they wore during the race. If the icon doesn't show up, it's either because, A: the mini-icon art hasn't been added (less likely), or B: the rider is too far away from you for the game to see what jersey they're wearing (more likely).


Event FAQs

Q: I closed the game/it crashed. How do I get back to an event?
A: An event resume feature doesn't exist yet, so if you exit Zwift mid-event, you won't be able to rejoin.

Q: I was misrouted! Can I rejoin the main group?
A: This is a bug, and we're still looking for the root cause. While we don't have a fallback system in place (as we don't know what causes this yet), please submit a ticket and include your log files.

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