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I've got Free Trial / Gift Code questions...

We want you to get the most of your free trial and any promos for free Zwift time, so here's the details on how they work, broken down by PC/Mac vs iOS.

Zwift Free Trial

NOTE: If you enter payment information and start a membership, the 7-day free trial period will start immediately instead of with your first pedal stroke. This applies to all platforms, so only start your membership once you're sure you're going to be riding.

You get a 7-day free trial with unlimited distance that starts with your first pedal stroke. 

For starters, you get 25km (about 15.5mi) to try out Zwift; this starts with your first pedal stroke. Once you become a member, you get an additional 7-day trial period with unlimited distance. 

Both PC/Mac and iOS

Becoming a member on PC/Mac or iOS will let you ride on all platforms. No need for a separate membership!

If you choose not to become a member at the end of the 7-day trial period, you can cancel before then without being charged. Your membership will end immediately at the end of that time period.

On the 1st of of every month after that, if you still haven't become a member, we'll give you another chance to try Zwift with another 25km (about 15.5mi).

Switching your membership from iOS to PC/Mac

If you become a member on iOS, but want to change how you pay for your membership, we can allow you to make a one-way switch. To do this, you'll need to change your membership type via

  1. From your Settings menu, choose Membership.
  2. Your Payment Method should show up as iTunes. Select Change Method.
  3. You'll see a two-part process that involves cancelling your automatic membership renewal with Zwift in iTunes, then joining on with the payment method of your choice.

Gift Codes

If you get a promo code and you're already a member of the Zwift community, it takes effect after the current billing cycle ends.

If you are an iOS user, in order to use a Promo Code, you must CANCEL your Apple payment as shown above.

Overlapping Codes

  • If you're on the Zwift free trial and enter a promo code, the code will take effect after your free trial ends.
  • If you're on the free trial, and you become a Zwift member, you won't be charged until the free trial ends.
  • Some promo codes require an active Zwift membership in order to work. However, you can cancel during the promo period and still get the rest of the time free.

Zwift Membership Tie-ins

If you apply a promo code DURING the payment process in the "Enter Promo Code" field, you will not be charged immediately. Instead, your Zwift membership will start after the promotional period ends.

Where do I enter these codes?

Simple log into and then click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner and choose 'Settings' or 'Edit Profile.'


Then click on 'Promotions' on the left-hand side, and finally, enter the code in ALL CAPS in the promo code field. Click 'Redeem' and you're good to go!


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