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I can't install Zwift on my computer

If you have a custom file structure or are using a work computer, there is a high likelihood you will have trouble installing Zwift.

While these cases are extremely difficult to troubleshoot due to how complicated they are, we do have general areas you can investigate on your own before submitting a support ticket.

  1. Make sure you have enough hard drive space.
  2. Confirm that your Documents and Downloads folders are not on a network location.
  3. Confirm that your Documents and Downloads folders are not part of a backup/cloud folder.
  4. Make sure no other programs are trying to access your Documents and Downloads folders while you're installing. This includes backup/sync programs like OneDrive, etc.
  5. Only install Zwift from an Administrator account.
  6. Only use the newest installer from the website.

If you receive a warning about Zwift from your anti-virus program while installing, contact our support team.


Mac Specific Installer Crashes:

If Zwift is crashing during install and you're on a Mac, please send us the Installer Log. You can find it here:


If you missed grabbing the installer log the first time around, you can also find it by going through your Console (Applications/Utilities/Console). The Zwift installer log should be under the User diagnostic reports. 


Known conflicts:

  • Windows users with a single character or special character username will not be able to install Zwift. Try changing your username if you're having problems.
  • Windows users with a Downloads or Documents folder location that is different from the default will not be able to install Zwift. Either change your file structure back to the default or use a different computer.
  • Windows users on non-administrator accounts will not be able to install Zwift. If you can, right-click the Setup file and Run as Administrator.
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