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- Setting up a wired Elite trainer

While connecting a wired Elite trainer on PC is basically plug-and-play, on Mac you will need to download a driver for it to work:

Installing the driver:

After you install that, Zwift should be able to see the trainer under both the Power and Controllable Trainer categories.

Some notes on the functionality of wired Elite trainers:

  • Some wired Elite trainers use a different protocol and aren't supported. Models manufactured after ~2006 should work, but if your trainer doesn't show up under Power or Controllable Trainer, we recommend contacting Elite to confirm that it's not a trainer compatibility limitation.
  • ERG mode isn't supported on some of the older wired versions. As we're not sure when this feature was added in the product lifespan, we recommend contacting Elite to confirm this is an option on your trainer if you don't see the functionality available on the workout selection screen.

Connecting to Zwift

After you've installed the driver, you can follow the instructions for Starting a Ride in Zwift to pair it with the game. Your trainer will pair as a smart trainer under the Power and Controllable Trainer categories.

If you're having issues getting your trainer to work with Zwift, submit a ticket for further assistance.

Ride On!

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