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Resolved: KICKR SNAP drops ANT+ signal on grade changes

Update: We've heard back from a few users that the following also helps to solve the dropout issues: doing an advanced spindown and using a USB extension cord for the ANT+ dongle.

Instructions for doing an advanced spindown can be found on Wahoo's support site. And you can get a USB extension cable from our Zwift store if you don't have one.

We're currently working with Wahoo to investigate an issue where the KICKR SNAP will temporarily lose its connection to Zwift when simulating a grade change. When a user reaches in incline, wattage will temporarily drop to 0w. This only occurs when the SNAP is paired over ANT+ as a Power source and Controllable Trainer. 

There are a couple different workarounds you can try to avoid this issue while we work on a fix: 

  1. Pair the SNAP as a Power source over BLE. Note that BLE is still in BETA and requires the Zwift Mobile Link app. See our knowledge base article for more information.
  2. Only pair the SNAP as Power. If you don't pair the SNAP as a Controllable Trainer, it seems to avoid this issue.

We're continuing to work on resolving this issue, and you can follow this post for more updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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