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Resolved: Older Elite Trainers Give Inaccurate Readings in Zwift


We've received a number of reports that certain, older Elite trainers manufactured before the 2016 model year have a tendency to produce inaccurate power outputs. Our team has looked into this issue, and we’ve found that while there is a way to offset the power values within the Elite software, this unfortunately does not carry over to Zwift.


For Elite smart trainers produced before 2015, some users have found pairing as a power meter and not as a controllable trainer brings numbers back to normal levels. Alternatively, you can use a power meter for Power and the controllable resistance of your Elite smart trainer.

For Elite FE-C compatible smart trainers produced in and after 2015, Elite has informed us that they added additional functionality to their "My E-Training" mobile app that allows for calibration values to be saved to the trainer. The app can be download on the App Store and Play Store free of charge at the time this is being written.

Elite has provided us with the following instructions:

  • Open the app
  • Choose Parameters
  • Choose Advance Configuration
  • Choose Calibration Wizard and follow the instructions

If you need further assistance calibrating your trainer, please contact Elite directly.


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