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Resolved: Misuro B+ Not Sending Power Readings


After extensive testing, we haven't been able to reproduce this issue in the office without simulating conditions outside of what we recommend for a Zwift setup. Our theory is that the compartment that contains the Misuro B+ on the Elite Smart trainers affected by this issue is interfering with the ANT+ signal and making it harder to get a consistent reading in Zwift.


  1. Move the ANT+ dongle within 6" of the Misuro B+ sensor compartment on your Elite Smart trainer with a USB extension cable. By moving the ANT+ receive closer, it should mitigate the issue.
  2. Connect the Misuro B+ over BLE using the Zwift Mobile Link app. BLE is a more direct signal than ANT+, so it will help overcome the interference from the trainer compartment.

If you're using the Misuro B+ with an Elite smart trainer, be sure that you've set the sensor to the correct number of "blinks" as outlined in their instruction manual.

Be sure to turn off any receivers or devices that you're not using (i.e. if you're using ANT+ and not BLE, turn off BLE on your computer and any nearby mobile devices to reduce signal interference). We also recommend trying to reduce ANT+ signal interference and BLE signal intereference.

If you have any other questions about this, contact our support team.


We're currently investigating an issue with the Misuro B+ not consistently sending power readings to Zwift via ANT+ or BLE.

When this issue occurs, the sensor will briefly show up, transmit power readings, and then disappear from the pairing screen. If you're encountering this issue, you can either submit a ticket via or follow this post for more updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we investigate further!

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