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Elite RealTour Appears as Elite RealAxiom

There's currently an issue where some Elite RealTour trainers will mistakenly appear as Elite RealAxiom on the pairing menu. This can affect your wattage and give inaccurate readings.

While we're working on a fix for this, here's a workaround: 

  1. Go to your Documents\Zwift folder.
  2. Delete your prefs.xml file.
  3. Open your knowndevices.xml file in a text editing program (like Notepad).
  4. Find the line that lists the RealAxiom. It'll look something like this: 
      <DEVICE>[0] [1246592] Elite RealAxiom 1408</DEVICE>
  5. Replace "RealAxiom" with "RealTour".
  6. Save the file.

The next time you launch Zwift, it should give the correct power readings for your trainer.

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