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- What Resistance Level do I set my Classic Trainer to?

The resistance level you set your classic trainer is indicated in game on the image of the trainer after you pair your speed sensor. But just in case you need another place to reference, you can use the list below:


Last Updated: 6/2017

Classic Trainer Name Resistance Level
Tacx Booster 2
Tacx Blue Matic 3
Tacx Blue Motion 4
Tacx Blue Twist 3
CycleOps Fluid2 -
CycleOps Supermagneto Pro 2
CycleOps Super Magneto 2
CycleOps Jet Fluid -
CycleOps Mag 5
CycleOps Magneto -
Kurt Kinetic Road Machine -
Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll -
TravelTrac Comp Fluid -
TravelTrac Comp Mag+ 2
Elite Fluid Gray Roller -
Elite Fluid Red Roller -
Elite Fluid+ 3
Elite Hydro Mag 4
Elite Mag Speed 3
Elite Power Mag 3
Elite Force Mag 3
Elite Novo Force 3
Elite Crono Fluid -
Elite Turbomuin Fluid -
Jetblack Z1 -
Nashbar Fluid -
Nashbar Fluid Pro 3
Minoura V270 L
Minoura B60 L
Minoura LR340 1
Minoura LR 760 3
Minoura LR 960 3
Minoura Magteqs Twin L
Minoura RDA80-D L
Minoura RDA2429-R L
Minoura FG-540 1
1up USA CPR A-2000 -
BlackBurn Mag-1 -
BlackBurn Mag-3 2
BlackBurn Mag-6 2
BlackBurn Tech Mag Race 3
BlackBurn Tech Fluid -
BlackBurn Trakstand Ultra -
Lemond Revolution -
Giant CycloTron Fluid -
Giant CycloTron Fluid Comp -
Giant CycloTron Mag 4
Giant CycloTron Auto -
Giant Fluid ST -
Growtac GT-Roller Flex 3 3
Revbox ERG MK6 -
Cascade Fluid Pro -
Cascade Fluid Pro Power -
Feedback Sports Omnium Portable  

If you notice any discrepancies between this list and the game, use the game's recommended resistance level and report the difference via Thanks!

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