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Resolved: Turbo Muin Smart B+ Gives High Readings


We're currently investigating an issue where the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ is registering abnormally high readings when paired with a speed sensor.


The estimated power curve for the Turbo Muin available under the Speed + Classic Trainer menu is intended for the Turbo Muin Fluid, not the Turbo Muin Smart B+ or any of the newer Turbo Muin models.

Since the Turbo Muin Smart B+ is designed to give accurate readings with the Misuro B+ as a power source and we've resolved the issue with the Misuro B+ not sending power readings, we're not planning to develop a zPower curve for the Turbo Muin Smart B+ at this time.


Instead of pairing the Turbo Muin Smart B+ through the "Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer" option on the pairing screen, go through the "Power Source" search screen and choose the Misuro B+.

If you have any problems pairing with the Misuro B+, be sure to read the known issues article.

More information:

There's four trainers with a similar model name:

  • Elite Real Turbo Muin B+
  • Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+
  • Elite Real Turbo Muin
  • Elite Turbo Muin

The naming convention that differentiates the trainers is "real" and "B+". The trainers with "real" in their name change resistance. The trainers with "B+" in their name transmit power from the included Misuro B+ and work on both ANT+ and BLE.

The other two trainers are old. The Real Turbo Muin only works on ANT+ via a built-in transmitter, while the Turbo Muin has no built in sensors and requires a separate speed sensor (this is the trainer referenced in this article).

Three of these trainers should be paired under the Power menu (Real Turbo Muin B+, Turbo Muin Smart B+, and Real Turbo Muin). They should not be paired under the Speed menu.

If your trainer is showing abnormally high power readings, you're probably pairing incorrectly as noted above. Simply pair under Power to solve the issue. 

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