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- Setting up a Bkool trainer

If you have a Bkool trainer, you may need to update it to the ANT+ FE-C protocol before you can use it with Zwift. 

Bkool trainers are not currently compatible with Zwift over BLE. You can see the list of supported models and protocols on our website.

1. Trainers purchased before August 2014 require a firmware update to get the FE-C upgrade.
2. Trainers that are not fully paid off with Bkool will not have access to the FE-C upgrade.

How to upgrade your Bkool trainer to ANT+ FE-C

1. While the trainer is plugged in, open the Bkool simulator on your computer and log in.

2. Click on "Settings"




3. Click on "Pair My Devices"




4. You should now be on the Paired Devices screen. If the ANT+ FE-C protocol isn't enabled for your trainer yet, a button to change it should appear to the right of the trainer entry. Click it.




5. You can now close the Bkool Simulator and launch Zwift.

After you've updated your Bkool trainer, you can follow the instructions for Starting a Ride in Zwift to pair it with the game. The Bkool will pair as a smart trainer under the Power and Controllable Trainer categories.

Ride On!

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