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Ride On's

Zwift is meant to be social - and what better way to be social than by giving someone a thumbs up for their efforts?

To give a "Ride On," select their name from the rider list on the the right-side of the screen, then click the thumbs up button next to their name. This will cause the Ride On graphic to briefly appear above their head along with your name.

Note this feature is disabled while in workout mode.

If someone else gives you a Ride On, you'll see the same graphic above your head, and their name at the top of the screen.


You can also use the Zwift Companion app to do the same or even send Ride On's to multiple Zwifters at once!

As you rack up Ride On's, you'll see your jersey pockets start to grow with each one you receive. And when you end your ride, you'll see on both your Ride Report can log in to your Zwift Dashboard on our website and see how many Ride On's you received during your ride.

Get out there and Ride On!

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