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What is an ANT+ dongle? Where can I get one?

A USB ANT+ dongle is what receives the signals from the sensors on your bike or your trainer and transmits them to your computer and Zwift.

Getting an ANT+ dongle for PC or Mac is easy. Head on over to the Zwift Shop to pick up a handy starter pack, or check out our friends at Performance Bicycle or Wiggle! Any USB2 ANT+ dongle will work. We recommend the USB-m as it has proven to have the best signal reception in the lab. Make sure you pick up a USB extension cable to get the dongle closer to your equipment and prevent dropouts.

If you're planning on using ANT+ on iOS, you have a few different options to bridge the signal:

NOTE! Resistance control for smart trainers isn't supported over ANT+ at this time for iOS.

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