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Does my trainer work with Zwift?

Does my trainer work with Zwift?

It's easy to see whether your trainer works with Zwift and what accessories you'll need to complete your setup. First stop: the Zwift hardware page. This has a visual breakdown of what trainers work with Zwift over which protocols. It also includes a description of what else, if anything, you'll need to make your trainer compatible.

Finally, if you're more technically-minded and just want the list of what works, see our "What trainers does Zwift support?" article.

How do I set up my trainer?

After you've figured out what you need to get riding, you'll want to set up your Zwift station! We've written a number of different guides under our Zwift Rider's Guide: one for each supported smart trainer and one for if you're using a classic trainer/rollers.

You can also find more information under our General Info section.

My trainer isn't supported. What else can I do?

Good news! Even if you don't have the right gear (yet), you've still got a lot of options. We've got an in-depth guide for this, too.

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