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Will my computer work with Zwift?

Zwift is a massively multiplayer online game. And just like you wouldn't expect to win a road race with a beach cruiser, Zwift won't run well on an old computer. 

Our minimum requirements, recommended, and extreme specs are all on our website so you can compare your computer against those. We also recommend using your personal devices as work computers tend to have limited permissions that cause problems with Zwift.

Still not sure how you measure up? 

The non-technical answer:

If you have a PC or Mac computer built in the last 3 years, you can probably run the game - but you'll do best if you have a computer built for gaming (with a good graphics card).

Zwift will also run on most iOS devices, as well as Apple TV, so even if your computer isn't supported, you may still have a compatible device that will work.

The technical answer:

Zwift runs primarily off your computer's graphics card. While it's important that your CPU is equivalent or better than a Core 2 Duo and has enough RAM, it's the GPU that's the most important.

Here are some suggested resources for comparing your CPU and GPU against our benchmarks: 

Bottom line: sometimes, it's just too old.

Even if your GPU hardware meets our minimum requirements, it can occasionally still be just too old to run the game. Zwift requires OpenGL 3.1 and some drivers for older cards just haven't been updated. So while your hardware may be up-to-spec, you may still need to either get a new card or a new computer.

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