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My Ride Didn't Upload (Partial Save, Malformed Fit Files)

When you complete a ride, it normally uploads automatically to the Zwift dashboard as an industry-standard fit (.fit) file if you choose "Save" versus "Discard." However, if you experience internet issues while saving, it can result in a "Partial" save or malformed file instead (progress is uploaded to the server incrementally every 10 min).

While technical limitations prevent uploading missing progress to your Zwift dashboard manually, any progress that doesn't share to partner services you've connected, like Strava, can be replaced with a complete copy of your local fit file as described in this article

If your local fit file is malformed as well, it may still be possible to salvage it through one of the following workarounds. Note that it's likely you will lose some progress from the fit file as a result of this issue.

  1. Use a fit file modification service, like Fit File Tools*, to correct the timestamps.
  2. Download the file directly from one third-party site and upload it to the other. If it uploaded successfully to one site (like Garmin Connect), but not another (like Strava), you may be able to download the file from one, and manually upload it to the other.

* is not an official Zwift site, nor directly affiliated with Zwift. Use the site is at your own risk.


How to Prevent Partial Rides

If you're disconnected from the Internet during a ride, you may see symptoms such as your rider list empty out, and/or it will look like you're riding alone. If this happens, try to get your Internet to reconnect before you end your ride.

If you're on WiFi, you can also try to strengthen your WiFi signal - either by moving your router or your computer closer to your router - or using a range extender. Alternately, you may want to run an Ethernet cable to your computer instead.

If you continually experience issues, you may also want to make sure your connection meets minimum requirements.

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