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- Setting up an Elite Smart Trainer

There's a few different generations of Elite smart trainers that Zwift supports:

  • The 2017 models: the Drivo, the Rampa, and the Direto
  • The 2016 models: Qubo Digital Smart B+, RealAxiom B+, RealTour B+, Real Turbo Muin B+
  • The earlier ANT models

The 2016 and 2017 models are pretty self-explanatory: make sure the trainer is set up, put your bike on it, and follow the steps in our getting started article for starting a ride with a smart trainer (you'll pair Power and Controllable Trainer).

If you have a B+ trainer that isn't on that list, it's probably considered a Zwift classic trainer (only transmits power or needs an additional speed/cadence sensor).

Zwift supports wireless ANT versions of 5 Elite Real Trainers:

  • Real Turbo Muin
  • RealAxiom
  • RealPower
  • RealTour
  • Real E-Motion rollers

Setting up the older ANT models requires just a few more steps. 

If you have a wired Elite trainer, see this article instead.


Some users have reported that models earlier than 2013 aren't compatible with third-party apps. If your trainer doesn't show up after following the instructions below, contact Elite to confirm that your trainer is Zwift-compatible.


To pair these with Zwift, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure your ANT+ dongle is plugged into your computer.
  2. Log in to Zwift.
  3. Click Search under the Power or Controllable Trainer section of the menu.
  4. Make sure your Real Trainer is plugged in and your bike is mounted on the trainer.
  5. Spin on your bike to wake up the trainer.
  6. A red light on the trainer should start flashing and your Elite trainer should appear on the Search menu.
  7. Select your trainer and click OK. The red light should turn solid.
  8. Ride On!


After you enter the course, it may take a few seconds for the trainer to start reading your power after you start spinning, so give it some time to start working.

The indicator light for the Real Turbo Muin isn't as visible as the ones on the other models, so we've included a picture of where to locate it below.


If you're still having problems getting set up, just submit a support ticket, and we'll be happy to help! Ride On.

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