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What's new on Watopia 7/10 (v1.0.5796)

Hey Zwifters!  This update includes a few fixes and minor features, along with some major work under the hood to get us ready for the coming months.

Fixes and Enhancements include:

  • New segment timing graphics at the top of the screen, along with a distance count down and a beta version of our best guess at your finish time (ETA).
  • Mac is now 64bit native
  • Minor performance enhancements, particularly on Retina Macs 
  • Fixed issue with HR distribution screen incorrectly showing power data

There are a few known issues we'll be working on for the next update, including improving the "ETA" feature, fixing the 'back to me' arrow when you are in spectator mode, and using new information from this update to narrow down the phone pairing issues some users have been experiencing.  We also have improvements to ride smoothness and drafting coming soon.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift

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