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KICKR Troubleshooting

While the KICKR and KICKR Snap tend to be plug-and-play trainers that just work, there are a few different things that can go wrong.

  • Your power/speed regularly drops out
  • The KICKR stops changing resistance on slopes
  • The KICKR doesn't appear in the pairing screen.

An easy first step in troubleshooting all of these issues is updating your KICKR firmware, so we recommend starting there. For issues related to inaccurate power readings and resistance, try doing a spindown.

Power Drop-Outs

There's a few reasons we're aware of for why your power could be dropping.

First, depending on long you've had your KICKR/how much you use it, the internal sensor could need to be cleaned. Please contact Wahoo Support for more information regarding this.

Second, the issue could be related to your ANT+ signal. See our article on ANT+ signal strength for troubleshooting this. If you're using the Zwift Mobile Link app to bridge a Bluetooth connection, see this article instead.

Finally, if you have a KICKR2 (2016 model), we've recently discovered an issue with light interfering with the sensor. You may want to try covering it up to prevent external light from hitting it and causing problems (see image below) - you'll notice we simply covered it with a sticker.



KICKR Stops Changing Resistance

If your KICKR stops changing resistance, it's probably due to one of the following:

  • The KICKR switched from SIM into ERG mode. SIM mode allows Zwift to control the resistance based on the course gradient. If you are running other software that interacts with the KICKR at the same time, such as the Wahoo Fitness app or TrainerRoad, it's possible to unintentionally switch your KICKR out of SIM mode.
  • Your trainer difficulty is turned off. Under the Settings menu, it's possible to turn off your trainer difficulty. Modifying this can turn off resistance.
  • The KICKR isn't paired as a smart trainer. Under the pairing menu, it's possible to unpair, or not pair, the KICKR as a smart trainer, and it needs to be paired here in order to change resistance.

KICKR doesn't appear under Pairing menu

 If your KICKR doesn't show up on the pairing menu, it could be because:

  • If you're trying to connect over ANT+, make sure you have an ANT+ dongle.
  • Your ANT+ dongle isn't compatible with Zwift. See our ANT+ dongle KB article.
  • If you're trying to connect over Bluetooth (BLE), see our BLE support article.
  • The KICKR isn't plugged in.
  • You're not searching under the Power or Smart Trainer section of the pairing screen. You do not search for the KICKR under Speed/Classic Trainer.


If you're still having issues with your KICKR, we recommend contacting Wahoo Support so they can help you run diagnostics on your trainer. And if those come up clean, open a ticket so we can help

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