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Once you've paired your devices and joined the world, you'll see names and times in a panel on the left-hand side of the screen. These are the segment leaderboards - your chance to show off and see where you stand!

There are six segments - three going one direction, three going the other - and each direction includes a KOM/QOM climb, a sprint point, and a best overall lap time. Each has its own leaderboard. (If you're not familiar with segments and jerseys, read the KB article here.)

As you ride, the leaderboards will rotate between the Overall, Sprint, and KOM/QOM segments. When you get close to the entry point and after you enter a segment, the leaderboards will only show that segment until you leave it.

Each segment's leaderboard shows the average gradient and total distance below the segment name.

If you've completed the segment during your current session, it also shows your overall ranking out of everyone online.  

If you want to manually switch to a leaderboard as you're riding, you can navigate between them using the orange, green, and red buttons at the bottom of the boards.

In addition to alternating between the three segments, leaderboards will also alternate between 2 - 3 different filters: live results for overall rankings and a list of your 30 day PR’s - and if you're female, the overall women's rankings for that segment.

If there are more riders on a leaderboard than can be displayed on one page, you can click and hold to drag the boards up or down, or you can mouse scroll in order to see other names.

To keep things fresh, leaderboard times only last for an hour. A timer will appear next to times that are set to expire before they fade away.


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