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Can I create another user on the same install?

Absolutely! We're aware of many situations where there are multiple users per Zwift setup, so having the ability to create a new account on the same machine is a no-brainer. It's also really easy.

On PC/Mac

Make sure you are launching the game and not trying to log in on the website. Click on 'Change User' underneath your profile picture.

Then click 'Create New Account.' 

Clicking this button will take other users to the account creation screen. After that, each user simply needs to change their username and password to log in.

On iOS



While the process below explains the technical process for setting up a second user on an iOS device, there can only be ONE Zwift membership per Apple ID, so if you plan on becoming a member and sharing your iOS device with another user, one of you needs to have your membership through instead of iTunes.

We're also only able to support one iTunes membership profile per iOS device, even if they're on separate Apple IDs. If both users create their membership on, there shouldn't be any problems. See our "How Do I Join?" article.


The prompts for iOS are very visible and straightforward. Just tap "Change User," then either "Add Existing User" or "Create New User," and follow the prompts.

You will always be able to log into your own account on any Zwift set-up. This just gives you an easy way to create new users on a current installation.

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