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Zwift Mobile Link

 The Zwift Mobile Link App is the perfect companion to the Zwift platform. You can stay connected when you're on the go. Or pair it with your computer over the same WiFi network, and use it as a game controller when you're riding.

Check it out now on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store!

In this article, we'll cover how to pair, what features you can access while the app is paired with your computer, and what features you can access on-the-go.



Make sure your mobile device is on the same network to automatically pair with your computer. In other words, as long as your computer and mobile device share the same router and network, they'll be able to connect (even if the computer is hardwired).

If your computer is hardwired for internet but has a wireless card, enable Internet Sharing; this makes your computer act like a wireless hub and your mobile device should be able to connect this way. Both Macs and PCs can do this.

You will not be able to use the Mobile Link App if you are connecting your computer to the Internet with your phone as a hotspot.





While connected, the Zwift Mobile Link App works as both a bike computer and a controller for some of your actions in the game. 


Don't have a bike computer? We've got you covered. The Dashboard provides all the key metrics you expect right at your fingertips - watts, speed, distance, elevation, time, cadence and heart rate. It's the first screen you'll see after you pair mobile device with your computer.

If you have a PowerUp available, you'll be able to activate it by tapping the button at the bottom of this screen.

You can also end your ride and automatically upload it to your Zwift dashboard and any third-party sites you've connected by tapping and holding the Stop button at the bottom of the screen for three seconds. 


Swipe the Dashboard screen to the left to view the Actions screen. This lets you mix it up with fellow Zwifters. Give an elbow flick when you want someone to pull through or wave to say "hi". Send real time encouragement or egg someone on with audio clips. Communicate with the pack via group message. Choose to see the action from different camera angles or POV and capture it with a snapshot. Actions are fun.

Snapshots are currently saved on your computer's Pictures > Zwift folder and on your phone in a Pictures folder.


Swipe the Actions screen to the left to view the Riders nearby screen. Scroll up or down to see riders on course in front or behind you. See how much time separates you, check their power output (w/kg) and how far they've ridden in their current session.

Tapping on a rider shows their profile. Private message anyone or give your new favorite Zwifter a Ride On. You can also Fan View to see the world from their saddle. Finally, in the rare case of a disruptive rider, you can flag them for Harassment, Bad Language, or a potentially incorrect setup by tapping Flier.

If you see a rider you want to follow, tap the orange plus button in the top-right corner of your screen. You can also view their activities by tapping the banner at the bottom.






When you're not paired with the Zwift game, this will be the main screen. It includes the following categories and a preview of its content.

Note that the screen will be different for Android and iOS: iOS will always have the menu button at the bottom of the screen, while on Android, it's behind the menu button in the top-left.

  • Zwifting Now: If any of the Zwifters you follow are riding, you'll see a sample here.
  • Events: An upcoming event will be featured in this section.
  • Activities: See the most recent activities completed by users you follow. Give them a Ride On!
  • Goals: See your active goal.

By tapping the arrow on the title bar of each section, you can enter its own dedicated section, each of which includes more features.

Zwifting Now

Tap the arrow on the title bar to see everyone who's currently riding. Once you've switched to the Zwifting Now page, you'll the list filterable into two groups: "All Zwifters" and "Zwifters you follow."

Tapping on a rider shows their profile, and it works largely the same as it does when you're riding, except you can only give Ride Ons or follow a rider (no private messaging, fan viewing, or flagging).


Tap the arrow on the title bar to see a full listing of upcoming events. You can also filter by category and jump ahead to future events later in the week by tapping the arrows in the header.





Tap the arrow on the title bar to see the full list activities completed by users you follow. You can then give them a Ride On!


See all the goals you've already set and choose new ones.



Whether you're connected or not, there are always two buttons at the top of the screen: 

  • The "notifications" flag in the top-right corner.
  • The "menu" button in the top-left.

Tapping each of these will bring up a different screen.


The notifications screen will show you updates whenever a Zwifter follows you. You can approve/reject requests here by tapping the Orange Plus button or Gray X button, respectively. These can be used after you follow a Zwifter, too.






The menu button on Android contains seven sub-categories. The iOS version has five of these.

  • Dashboard/Home: takes you back to the Dashboard (if you're riding) or Home (if you're not).
  • Events: This takes you directly to the Events section and functions the same way: view and RSVP for upcoming events.
  • Activities: This takes you directly to the Activities section/feed.
  • Notifications (Android only): Instead of tapping the notifications flag, you can get there by tapping this instead.
  • Goals: Takes you directly to the Goals section.
  • Shop: this will open your phone's default web browser and take you to the Zwift shop so you can get that sweet, real-life Zwift kit or other accessories you need to get started.
  • Settings: To access Settings on iOS, tap your profile picture.
    • Update your profile
    • Change your password
    • Make your profile public or private
    • Choose whether or not to receive messages
    • Adjust your notification settings
    • Choose which third-party fitness sites to connect with
    • View the mobile app version
    • Log out


Don't forget to connect the Zwift Mobile Link before doing a ride!

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