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- Setting up an Elite Turbo Muin

In order to ride an Elite Turbo Muin, you'll need some external sensors for Zwift to read from it. The good news is that Elite makes three compatible models! 

Securing either one of these sensors will allow your Turbo Muin to transmit data (if you're unsure how to attach the sensor, please contact Elite). From there, depending on which sensor you're using, you have a couple different options.

This article only applies to the original Turbo Muin Fluid. The Real Turbo Muin, Real Turbo Muin B+, and Turbo Muin Smart B+ all come with the Misuro B+ installed. These trainers are paired under "Power."


Misuro B+ 

The Misuro B+ actually transmits both speed and power data, so you can search for it under either the Speed menu - and then select the Elite Turbo Muin Fluid - or under the Power menu, and select it as a power source. Make sure you set it to the correct number of "blinks" as described in Elite's instruction manual.

We recommend selecting Power as this will allow Zwift to get a direct power reading from the sensor instead of calculating it based on speed.

Cad/Speed Sensor ANT+, 20 Cm 

The Cad/Speed sensor only transmits speed data, so you'll search for it under the Speed menu and select the Elite Turbo Muin.

You can then choose to pair Cadence.

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