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- Setting up a Powerbeam Pro

Using your Powerbeam Pro with Zwift is pretty straightforward.

The one thing you currently can't do in Zwift is calibrate the Powerbeam Pro, but you can do this in CycleOps' Virtual Training Program. See this article from DC Rainmaker on how to do this.

If things go wrong, you're probably seeing one of the following: 

  • Your power/speed regularly drops out
  • The Powerbeam Pro doesn't change resistance on slopes
  • The Powerbeam Pro doesn't appear in the pairing screen.


Power Drop Outs

If your power is dropping it's most likely not related to the Powerbeam Pro, but your ANT+ signal.

See our article on ANT+ signal strength for troubleshooting this.


Powerbeam Pro doesn't change resistance

If your Powerbeam Pro doesn't change resistance, it's probably due to one of the following:


The Powerbeam Pro wasn't paired correctly:  


Your Powerbeam Pro will show up as two entries in our pairing menu: a power meter and the Powerbeam Pro. If you select the power meter instead of the Powerbeam Pro, the resistance won't change. This can also happen if you unpair the Controllable Trainer selection for the Powerbeam Pro. 

Your trainer difficulty is turned off. Under the Settings menu, it's possible to turn off your trainer difficulty. Modifying this can turn off resistance.


Powerbeam Pro doesn't appear under Pairing menu

If your Powerbeam Pro doesn't show up on the pairing menu, it could be because:

  • Your ANT+ dongle isn't compatible with Zwift. See our ANT+ dongle KB article.
  • The Powerbeam Pro isn't plugged in.
  • You're not searching under the Power or Smart Trainer section of the pairing screen. You do not search for the Powerbeam Pro under Speed/Classic Trainer.
  • You have an older Powerbeam Pro. Some older versions have older firmware that prevents it from being detected as a smart trainer. In this case, you'll need to contact CycleOps and request a replacement load unit.

If you're still having issues with your Powerbeam Pro, submit a ticket - we're here to help!

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