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Setting up a Powerbeam Pro

Before you use your Powerbeam Pro in Zwift, you may want to calibrate it. While you currently can't do this in Zwift, you can through CycleOps' Virtual Training Program.

Calibrating your Powerbeam Pro

  1. Download the Virtual Training Program from CycleOps's website.
  2. Follow the instructions on CycleOps's website for calibrating your trainer.

Connecting to Zwift

After you've calibrated your Powerbeam Pro, you can follow the instructions for Starting a Ride in Zwift to pair it with the game. Depending on your model, the Powerbeam Pro can connect either over ANT+ (if it's an ANT+ model and you have an ANT+ dongle) or Bluetooth (if you have a Bluetooth model). The Powerbeam Pro will pair as a smart trainer under the Power and Controllable Trainer categories.

If you're having issues getting your trainer to work with Zwift, you can submit a ticket, and we'll be happy to help.

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