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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the orange bar below my speed/distance info?

That's your rider score! The more you ride in Zwift, the more points you accumulate; and when the bar reaches the end, you'll level up! Leveling up unlocks new jerseys, bikes, and wheels for your avatar (customization screen hotkey: T).

What's the current max level?

As of the 12/30/15 update, the new max level is 25. All experience continues to accrue and will applied when we add more levels.

How do I change my jersey/customize my bike?

You can reach the customization screen via the T key on your keyboard or from the Customization button on the Pause screen.

Why is the speed/distance on my bike computer different from in Zwift?

While speed sensors measure speed and distance based on your physical tire rotations, Zwift measures these based on watts, course incline, your weight, and other factors - such as whether you're drafting. Because of these different factors, it's not unusual for your speed and distance in Zwift to differ from what you're seeing on bike computers. The two will rarely, if ever, match up.

Who are the blue/ghost riders?

The blue cyclists are AI bots we populate on the course. We occasionally turn them off if we feel the course is getting too crowded.

How do I mute Zwift's sounds?

From the pause menu, select the Settings button. You can adjust your game sounds there. See our Settings Menu KB.

Where are screenshots saved?

See our KB article: How to Take a Screenshot

How do I pause/start riding again?

To pause, just stop pedaling - and to resume, just start pedaling again.

Why isn't my country's flag in game?

There's a limited number of flags in game due to memory restrictions right now. We're working to optimize this and plan to bring in flags for countries listed on the ISO 3166-1 List.

What resolution will Zwift run at?

Zwift will run on a monitor of any resolution. Your max resolution is determined by your GPU, up to a maximum resolution of 2560x1440 (Ultra). You can overwrite the default setting for your GPU from the in-game Settings menu.

Note that the aspect ratio doesn't adjust, so you may see some odd stretching depending on your monitor resolution and whether you run in fullscreen or how you resize the window.

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