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Segments, Jerseys, and Time Limits

There are three official timed segments in a Zwift map, with separate leaderboards and jerseys for each direction:

  • The overall lap segment: measures best overall lap time, and matches with the orange jersey.
  • The sprint segment: measures best sprint time, and matches with the green jersey.
  • The KOM segment: Measures best overall hill climb (with separate KOM/QOM times), and matches with the polka dot jersey.

The Watopia course also has three exclusive segments:

  • The Epic KOM segment, which matches with the mountain goat jersey.
  • The Volcano circuit segment (no corresponding jersey).
  • The Volcano climb segment, which matches with the volcano jersey.

You can see what segments on are on which routes in our Courses and Routes article.

Segment Start Lines and the Segment HUD


You'll see a white line on the ground at the start of each of these segments, and a timer will also show up below your experience bar with the following information:

  1. Your elapsed time on the segment.
  2. The segment time of the Zwifter who's ahead of you on the leaderboards, based on your elapsed time.
  3. The distance remaining in the segment.
  4. The amount of time Zwift estimates it will take you to complete the segment at your current speed.
  5. Your best 30-day PR on this segment.

After you pass through the arch marking the segment end, a leaderboard will show up on screen showing where you placed among the other Zwifters currently logged in.

If you beat the best time for a segment, you will be temporarily awarded the respective jersey for that segment (it overrides any other jersey you're wearing at that time) as bragging rights to show you're the fastest person online at that time. 

Have the best time on more than one segment? You'll be awarded a hybrid jersey that shows each segment you have the best time on. If this includes the KOM/QOM, you'll see mountains across the bottom of the jersey instead of polka dots.

Segment Mini-Timer

If you're riding on a route that lines up with the overall lap segment for the course, you'll see the segment mini-timer show up below your experience bar with the name of the route (bottom left). This time is estimated on your speed and will fluctuate accordingly.


If you change routes, either because you already picked a different route at the drop in screen or you manually select a different turn, the segment mini-timer will disappear.

Reverse Segments and Jerseys

If you do a U-turn and ride in reverse, the rules are mostly the same:

  • Each direction has separate leaderboards.
  • A U-turn will cause any jerseys you've earned in your current direction of travel to disappear from your avatar.
  • Icons for those jerseys will appear next to your name on the riders list indicating that you hold them in the opposite direction.
  • If someone beats your time in the direction you have a jersey, the icons will disappear. If you still hold them when you change direction again, they will reappear on your avatar.  

Jerseys and Time Limits 

Once you've claimed a jersey, it's yours for one hour from the time you claimed it or until someone gets a better time than you. After one hour has passed, the jersey will automatically be passed to the person who has the next best time after yours for one hour from when they set that time.

If you log out, you will forfeit the jersey to the next person in line, but Zwift will remember that the jersey belongs to you, and give it back to you if you log back in during your hour.

Event Effects on Segments and Jerseys

If you're in a race/group ride, Zwift treats you differently:

  • The timer for segments won't show up, but you can still place on the leaderboards.
  • If you win a jersey while in an event, you will see it when the event ends (if you still hold it).
  • If you enter an event with a segment jersey, you will see that jersey the whole event, even if you lose it, unless the event has a specific jersey set.
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