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How to update your Stages Power meter firmware

Stages has just released an update to both their cycling app and their firmware for their power meters. According to Stages:

“While we cannot personally verify the quality of a rider installed replacement battery, this latest firmware revision directly addresses the issue of random premature battery failure or draining that a small percentage of our customers have experienced and are vocal about,” said Pat Warner, Stages Cycling’s senior vice president. “With this new firmware we’re also gaining 10-percent more battery life in the unaffected meters, so it’s a big win for us all around.”

Step 1 - Update Stages App

Going either through iTunes or Google Play, update your Stages App.

Step 2 - Connect to your Stages Power Meter

You can use Bluetooth or ANT+ to connect to the Stages Power Meter. From there, there will be a "Firmware" button. Press it to update.

Step 3 - Zero Reset your Stages Power Meter

  • Position the crank straight down (6 o’clock position) and the bike is stable.
  • Access the settings function of the wireless display.
  • Select the power sensor (many times the power sensor is located within a “BIKE” setting).
  • Select the “CALIBRATE” or “Zero” function.
  • Calibration of the zero o­ffset will begin and take only a few seconds to complete.
  • Upon completion the display will show a message indicating success or failure of the procedure.

More information can be found at Stages own support site here.

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