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Did you know that you can ride on Zwift in both directions?


If you have the Zwift Companion app on your mobile device, you can press and hold the U-turn button, and you will slow down to 15mph (~21kph) before making the turn. You cannot make a U-turn under 3mph (~5 kph) and a U-turn may be delayed if there are riders trying to pass you. There are also some routes that don't have a reverse option (see our courses and routes article). 

You can also hit the 'Down Arrow' on your Keyboard to initiate the U-turn if you do not have the Zwift Mobile Link app. 

If you're not moving and press the U-turn button, you will execute the U-turn as soon as you reach the minimum required speed.

In order to prevent foul play, we've also implemented a cooldown timer on PowerUps so that repeatedly going through an arch in a short period of time does not award a second PowerUp.

For more information on how this works with jerseys and segments, see the Segments, Jerseys, and Time Limits article.

Ride On (in reverse)!

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