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I don't have the right equipment! What else can I do?

Don't have the right equipment to get in on the action yet? No sweat! You can still spectate while waiting for your gear to arrive. Root other riders on by giving them "Ride On's!" as they steal a jersey or just post impressive efforts!

After you log in, click "Just watch" on the pairing screen to load fan view.



Zwift will automatically focus in on the fastest rider at that moment. You can watch specific riders by clicking on their name in the riders list on the right-hand side and you'll be transported instantly to their perspective.




To give someone a 'Ride On,' click the orange thumbs up button to the left of their name in the Riders Nearby list.

You can also change the camera angles using the 1-9 keys on your keyboard or with the Zwift Companion app

Finally, if you don't have a supported trainer or rollers and simply can't wait to get the in the action, but you have an ANT+ dongle and ANT+ speed/cadence sensor, or a BLE speed/cadence sensor, there is an alternate option.


Using the Not Listed Trainer/Unlisted Rollers Option

Note: this will NOT give you an accurate or optimal Zwift experience. 

On the pairing screen, pair your speed/cadence sensor. Scroll to the bottom of the "Select Trainer" window and select the "Not Listed" trainer option to ride in Zwift with an unsupported classic trainer, or "Unlisted Rollers" to ride with rollers and a speed/cadence sensor.



Because trainers vary so much from brand to brand, there's no way for us to accurately estimate wattage for trainers we don't support, and this option is only intended to give a preview of what it's like to ride in Zwift. Your wattage will be capped at 400w.

We highly recommend using supported equipment in order to get the full experience.

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