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- Setting up a Computrainer

Setting up a Computrainer is different from other trainers because there's no ANT+ signal involved: everything is done directly through USB. Here's how to connect your Computrainer to Zwift on PC/Mac.

NOTE: In order to pair your Computrainer with Zwift, you will need an FTDI USB to Stereo adapter (picture in link); older adapters will not work. You can identify the kind of adapter that you have on Racermate’s website if you’re unsure of which kind you have.

If you don't have an adapter, you may be out of luck. Since Racermate has begun closing their doors, the FTDI USB to Stereo adapter is no longer for sale, and you'd have to look for it secondhand.

You do not need an ANT+ dongle to pair a Computrainer with Zwift.

  1. Download the appropriate Computrainer driver for your computer:
    1. Windows
    2. OSX 10.3 - 10.8
    3. OSX 10.9 and up
  2. If you haven’t calibrated your Computrainer yet, follow the instructions in your Computrainer manual. You can find a copy of the Computrainer manual on Racermate’s website.
  3. Plug your Computrainer into an open USB port on your computer using the FTDI USB to Stereo adapter.

After you've calibrated your Computrainer, you can follow the instructions for Starting a Ride in Zwift to pair it with the game. The Computrainer will pair under the Power and Controllable Trainer categories, as well as the Cadence category, if you have the optional cadence sensor.

If you're having issues getting your Computrainer to work with Zwift, see our troubleshooting article for further suggestions.

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