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PowerUps in Zwift

When you pass through any course arch, you may hear a "roulette" sound and see an icon appear in the top-left corner of your screen. This is a PowerUp.

PowerUps give you a minor bonus to either your performance or Rider Score when used, and you can get a new one each time you pass through an arch if you don't have one already.

The PowerUp you get is randomly determined when you go through an arch. In order to use it, you can either press the Spacebar button on your computer keyboard (PC/Mac), select the PowerUp icon (iOS, tvOS), or tap the PowerUp button on the mobile app.

With the exception of the Small Bonus and Large Bonus which activate immediately, all other PowerUps show a white timer bar when activated. The timer circles counter-clockwise and your PowerUp ends when the timer reaches the top of the circle.

 If you have an unused PowerUp as you pass through an arch, you won't receive a new one.



Q: Why didn't I get a PowerUp when I went through the arch?
A: If you're in the middle of a structured workout or you're on a TT bike, the only PowerUp you're eligible for is the Small and Large Bonuses.



Updated as of 3/23/15.

  • 1/30: Jet PowerUp icon changed to a TT Helmet.
  • 3/12: Burrito PowerUp disabled.
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