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Can my child use Zwift?

We want Zwift to be open to everyone - regardless of age - but we also want to protect children's privacy and safety online.

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we require written parental consent for children under 13 years old to use Zwift. If your child registers for Zwift, or you register on their behalf, we'll need you to submit a Support Request granting consent.


Choose 'Parental Consent' in the drop-down menu and cut and paste the following with the relevant information substituted into the "[ ]":

"We, [PARENTS' NAMES], parents of [CHILD'S NAME], age [CHILD'S AGE] born on [CHILD'S BIRTHDATE], acknowledge the Zwift Terms of Service including article 4, USE OF THE SERVICE BY MINORS, and hereby grant our consent for him/her to sign up and participate in the Zwift community."




*Please make sure to create an account for them before submitting this ticket - the account will be restricted, hence why you will need to send in this consent form afterwards

If you're a paying Zwift member in good standing, then your child can ride for FREE until they turn 13 as long as you remain a member. Just include your registered Zwift email in your request and we'll send you a promo code for your child. 

Once we receive your request, we'll make sure we have all the data required and respond to the ticket confirming that your child is ready to complete their Zwift account setup.

As your child engages with the Zwift community, we encourage you to monitor your child's activity in Zwift and promote best Internet practices, as there are messaging features available. Some general tips:

Thank you for helping to build a safe community!

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