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How to Take a Screenshot

So, you want to commemorate your ride in a Zwifty fashion? Good news! There's multiple ways you can do it.

1. The Zwift Companion app: 

If you have the Zwift Companion app, you can take a screenshot with just a tap on the camera button. Super simple!

As long as you've allowed the app access to your photos, the screenshots will then be saved on your phone under your Gallery/Camera Roll. Otherwise, the photos will be saved on your computer in your Pictures folder.



Be sure to select "OK."


2. Your computer keyboard:

This one might be a little harder to reach from the saddle, but by pressing the F10 key, you can also take a screenshot in Zwift.

The photos will be saved on your computer in your Pictures folder.


3. The In-Game Action Bar

The in-game action bar has a camera icon on it that will trigger the screenshot function. If you're on iOS, just tap the screen to make it appear. On PC/Mac, pressing the "Up" arrow on your keyboard will make it appear. tvOS uses the Apple Remote.


In addition to these in-game methods, you could use your own camera or OS's built-in function to take screenshots...but we recommend using one of these instead. You get a cool camera flash effect. And it's just better quality

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